In order to proceed with this payment we require your consent. You will then be asked to select your bank to authorise the payment.

I consent to making a one-off payment of 50.00 EUR to Calcutta Connect from my bank/building society.

Reference: DONATE Calcutta Connect
Date of Payment: 11-Jul-2020

For more information please contact us at or on +44 20 37 444 444 or visit

What is Open Banking / PSD2?

On 13th Jan 2018, the second Payments Services Directive (PSD2) became law across Europe, opening the doors to Open Banking in the UK. Under PSD2, banks in Europe need to make customer data available in a secure manner and give TPPs (Third Party Processors) such as access to their customers’ accounts.

This donation will be processed using Open Banking / PSD2 - a new way to pay directly from your UK bank/building society account.

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